Tire-Derived Polymer:
A circular material for the tire industry

Why use ?

  • Lower material cost
  • 5+ year history in tire industry
  • Less price fluctuation
  • Abundant feedstock
  • Improved sustainability
  • Lower carbon footprint

TDP is a 100% recycled rubber master batch compound used in tires, molding, conveyors, and other applications. It is a versatile, functional material that offers significantly higher performance compared to fillers such as crumb rubber, micronized rubber powder, or reclaimed rubber.

The material has already been used for 5+ years in the tire industry, replacing about 20% of master batch material in OTR retreading. TDP is now also used in new OTR manufacturing, as well as new agricultural tires, with truck tires, truck tire retreading and passenger tires on the horizon!

 can be produced from a variety of sources, such as whole tires, tread-only, retread buffing, and other non-tire rubber scrap. The Tyromer TDP technology uses, on average, crumb in the size of 20-40 mesh, or under .85mm.

Tyromer TDP typically comes in two grades, TDP-B and TDP-C.
TDP-B is made from truck tread, and generally has a tensile strength of about 8-11MPa
TDP-C is made from whole passenger tires, and has a tensile closer to 6MPa.

For compounding, it is important to understand that the stand-alone properties of TDP should not be focused on too much; Since TDP is a fully functional material, it works with your compound and should be mixed into a master batch compound first, and then tested against the control compound.