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Tire-Derived Polymer

Our devulcanized rubber called TDP, or Tire-Derived Polymer, is a 100% recycled material made from end-of-life tires.

Tyromer’s devulcanization process uses no chemical solvents, devulcanization chemicals, or additives.

We enable a truly Circular Economy in the tire and rubber industry. Learn how using TDP can help achieve your goals.

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This video shows how Tyromer helps turn old tires into new tires again. From devulcanizing the crumb rubber to final compound creation and application, the video serves as a strong example of how we are supporting a truly Circular Economy in the tire and rubber industry.

The article provides an overview of devulcanization from both technical and commercial perspectives. Featuring technical input by Professor Tzoganakis, Tyromer technology inventor, the article explains the difference between devulcanization and reclaimed rubber, and identifies some of the misconceptions surrounding devulcanization.


Originally published in Rubberworld Magazine, Feb. 2019, Volume 259, No. 5

Tyromer presents the company’s thoughts on current and future sustainability in the tire industry. We discuss how devulcanization is a fit for the industry as well as future trends and outlook.