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Our Company

Tyromer Inc. is a company established in 2009 by the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, to commercialize a rubber devulcanization technology invented by Professor Costas Tzoganakis of the Department of Chemical Engineering.


Tyromer uses a strategy of open innovation and collaboration to address the global nature of scrap tires.
We understand the need to work closely with industry leaders, to learn from their experiences and also to share some of ours. Our biggest successes are born from engagement, clear planning, and open communication.


We use a licensing business model. While Tyromer does operate certain facilities, the Company will also license its technology and TDP Production Systems. This is the most efficient way to serve the global market and allows us to focus on our core strength – technology, process, and product development and improvement. 

Our affiliation with the University of Waterloo has broadened our corporate 

mission and vision, below. These are not empty words. 

Every one of us at Tyromer believes and shares these values. 


Beyond providing value to our customers and partners, we will work with them with respect and honesty while delivering our best in service and support. We will offer our employees meaningful opportunities so they can thrive and provide for their families. Above all, we will be socially responsible and contribute to the greater sustainability of our community and the world.


Our vision is tire-to-tire recycling. Other industries are part of our vision as well, but in order to create real and drastic change, we understand the tire industry must be intimately involved.


• Integrity
• Compassion
• Perseverance
• Respect
• Tolerance
• Creativity

Our Team

Sam specializes in the commercialization of university inventions. He has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in start-up operation covering patents and trademarks, business and financial modeling, financing and deal structuring, product development, validation and certification, strategic collaboration with early customers, technical marketing, licensing and JV management.
Professor Tzoganakis is the inventor of the Tyromer supercritical CO2 extrusion technology for continuous rubber devulcanization. As a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Costas maintains an active research program in processing and modification of polymers, and also leads Tyromer’s robust R&D program.
ankita hs good
Ankita worked in the tire and rubber industry with a global tire manufacturer before obtaining her Masters in Chemical Engineering. Ankita manages Tyromer’s lab and quality systems, and is responsible for material testing, helping develop new products and applications, and creating a variety of reports and in-depth analysis. She is integral to Tyromer’s every-day activities as well as the R&D program.

Jon has a wide range of business development & management experience, and has been leading teams for over 10 years. He focuses on creating strong personal and business relationships, and helping align Tyromer’s day-to-day activities with corporate goals. Prior to joining Tyromer, Jon grew a business unit from four to 180+ employees with a leading tech company, and is now working to showcase Tyromer technology as a key driver towards the Circular Economy.

Jos is an experienced start-up, scale-up and organization re-fitting expert. He is a senior all-around industrial manager with LEAN focus, and has a wealth of engineering and operational experience. Jos also has a long history in tire grinding and recycling, and has designed and implemented numerous tire recycling facilities, some of which have been operating for 20+ years.
Don has a broad and deep knowledge of rubber compounding and material performance property optimization. While he was at the largest Canadian custom rubber compounding company, he optimized various compounds with Tyromer TDP content for commercial use. His combination of over 20 years compounding experience and open mindset are rare, and considered irreplaceable by many in the industry.
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Frans is an accomplished Project Engineer/Manager with decades of experience managing tire recycling-related projects and installations. Frans led installations and commissioning of the Tyromer Windsor (Canada) and Tyromer Europe (Arnhem, The Netherlands) facilities and will continue to lead the implementation of licensed Tyromer TDP Production Systems.

Sainiwetha completed her Master of Chemical Engineering under the guidance of Professor Tzoganakis. Sainiwetha, as a Research Engineer, helps in a variety of R&D activities in the lab. A quick learner and critical thinker, she applies her experience in polymer science to both lab activities as well as learning the operation of Tyromer production extruders and equipment.
Dan has over 10 years of experience in the engineering, production, and project management fields, gained while working for a global automation systems provider. Dan holds a diploma in mechanical engineering, and is responsible for overseeing production as well as coordinating resources, systems upgrades, and process flow improvements. He is currently Operations Manager of Tyromer Waterloo, and also a certified ISO 9001 quality internal auditor.
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As Director of Project Engineering, Sri manages a variety of engineering and installation-related projects for Tyromer-owned facilities and also for licensed operations. With a background in manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, Sri uses his experience with Six Sigma, LEAN, ISO, and more to help Tyromer continue to improve and to start new facilities around the world.

Tyromer Partner Relations

Tire Manufacturers

Tyromer offers a lower-cost rubber material to drive the circular economy. Using TDP addresses Producer Responsibility and will allow brands to reach sustainability and recycled material usage goals sooner. We can be your trusted devulcanization partner.

Rubber Goods Manufacturers

Tyromer offers a versatile, lower-cost material that is 100% recycled content. There is abundant feedstock and less volatile pricing.

Crumb Producers

Tyromer offers a new opportunity to add value to existing crumb products. We can devulcanize a variety of crumb types made by standard ambient grind, high pressure water jet, or by cryogenic process.

Our Licensees & Joint-Venture Partners

Tyromer offers an ethical business in cleantech with global markets, solid growth potential and a high-quality income stream.

Scrap Tire Management Authorities

Tyromer offers a “Best Practice” in scrap tire rubber re-utilization where crumb can be devulcanized without chemicals in a process that is environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and financially viable.