Why should you use ?

  • Lower material cost
  • Less price fluctuation
  • Abundant feedstock
  • Improved sustainability
  • Lower carbon footprint

 can be produced from scrap tire crumb – from whole-tire, tread-only, retread buffing, ambient grind, cryo-grind, etc., in sizes ranging from 20 mesh to 40 mesh and beyond.

Scrap EPDM from seal and window frame manufacturing can also be devulcanized for re-use.

can be produced with tensile strength up to 12 MPa, depending on crumb type, size, quality and source. For typical commercially available scrap tire crumb, the tensile strength ranges from 6.5 MPa to 7.5 MPa.

Devulcanization process conditions can be adjusted to provide a range of Mooney Viscosity for optimal subsequent mixing.

has excellent shelf life – well over two years.

has been incorporated into OTR (Off-the-Road) retread compound for retreading applications.

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