For information on our Chinese operation and partners, please visit TyromerAsia.

For information on our European operation and partners, please contact us at info.tyre[at]tyromer.com.

To tire manufacturers, Tyromer offers a sustainable, lower-cost material to drive the circular economy. TDP can be used as a material to address product end-of-life responsibility.

To rubber goods manufacturers, Tyromer offers a versatile, low-cost material with 100% recycled content, an abundant feedstock and less volatile pricing.

To crumb producers, Tyromer offers a new market or an opportunity to add value to existing products. Tyromer can devulcanize crumb from whole tire, tread-only, EPDM waste, etc. made by ambient grind, wet grind or cryo grind.

To our licensees and joint-venture partners, Tyromer offers an ethical business in cleantech with global markets, solid growth potential and a high-quality income stream.

To scrap tire management authorities, Tyromer offers a “Best Practice” in scrap tire rubber diversion and re-utilization in which scrap tire rubber can be rapidly devulcanized without chemicals in a continuous process that is environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and financially viable.