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Tyromer Inc. is a company established by the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, to commercialize a rubber devulcanization technology invented by Professor Costas Tzoganakis of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

The affiliation with the University of Waterloo has broadened our corporate mission and vision: Beyond providing value to our customers and partners, we will work with them with respect and honesty while delivering our best in service and support. We will offer our employees meaningful opportunities so they can thrive and provide for their families. Above all, we will be socially responsible and contribute to the greater sustainability of our community and the world. These are not empty words – every one of us at Tyromer believes and shares these values.

To address the global nature of scrap tires, Tyromer needs to collaborate and partner with industry leaders who share its vision to bring about an environmentally sustainable and financially viable solution to the scrap tire problem, and create a socially responsible economic opportunity at the same time.

Under a collaboration with AirBoss Rubber Compounding, Tyromer implemented its first commercial scrap tire rubber crumb devulcanization system within the AirBoss manufacturing complex in Kitchener, Canada, to produce TDP (Tire-Derived Polymer) for reuse in tires. Today, AirBoss offers its customers an OTR retread compound with 20% TDP.  Under a collaboration with a major tire producer, Tyromer is constructing a TDP production facility in Windsor, Canada. Under a collaboration with a major automotive component manufacturer, Tyromer received funding assistance from the Government of Canada to extend its devulcanization technology to EPDM.

Tyromer will license its technology and TDP manufacturing system or operate JV with partners.

To best serve our licensees and partners, we will focus on our core strength – technology, process and product development and improvement – to drive their success. Our team, along with our equipment manufacturing partners, has the capability to support our licensees and partners globally.

Meet Our Team:

Professor Costas Tzoganakis
Professor Costas TzoganakisPh.D., P.Eng., Chairman and CTO
Costas is the inventor of the supercritical carbon dioxide extrusion technology for rubber devulcanization. As a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, he maintains an active research program in processing and modification of polymers.
Sam Visaisouk
Sam VisaisoukPh.D., CEO
Sam specializes in the commercialization of university inventions. He has over thirty years of entrepreneurial experience in start-up operation covering patents and trademarks, business and financial modeling, financing and deal structuring, product development, validation and certification, strategic collaboration with early customers, technical marketing, licensing and JV management.
Ian Inch
Ian InchM.Sc., MBA, COO
Ian has over twenty years of experience working with a Swiss multinational serving as head of global specialty business, global supplier contracts and corporate director. Besides operations management, Ian will be responsible for licensee and JV support, long-term strategic planning and global initiatives.
Kyle Gregoire
Kyle GregoireP.Eng., VP Sales & Marketing
Kyle has twenty years experience in the automotive industry. He served as the global automotive sealing solution expert and a member of the Automotive Technology Council for a Swedish multinational. Kyle also established the North American operation of a Korean automotive seal manufacturer.
Don McRae
Don McRaeDirector, Applications
Don has a broad and deep knowledge of rubber compounding and material performance property optimization. While he was at the largest Canadian custom rubber compounding company, he optimized various compounds with Tyromer-TDP content for commercial use.
Ankita Saikia
Ankita SaikiaMASc., Manager, Quality & EHS
Ankita worked in the rubber industry before obtaining her Master of Science in chemical engineering under the supervision of Professor Tzoganakis. The topic of her thesis was on characterization and analysis of rubbers devulcanized by supercritical carbon dioxide extrusion under a wide range of conditions.
Jon Visaisouk
Jon VisaisoukBBA, Director, Strategic Development
Jon has a wide range of project development/management experience and has been leading teams for over 10 years. Focused on people, he strives to create strong personal connections to deliver superior results. Most recently Jon grew a business unit from five to 70 employees with a leading software company.
Muhammad Umar Farooq
Muhammad Umar FarooqMASc., P.Eng., Material Development Engineer
Umar, based on his work at the University of Waterloo and Tyromer Waterloo site, is fully knowledgeable in the TDP technology and process chemistry. Given his background and polymer expertise, Umar will focus on expanding the Tyromer product range from core TDP products to enhanced elastomers such as ThermoPlastic Vulcanates (TPV’s) and EPDM based products.
Essey Bahiru
Essey BahiruProduction Manager
Essey has extensive production experience at Tyromer and previously at Research In Motion, Linamar, and Toyota. He is responsible for all operational aspects of our full-scale production line located in Kitchener, Ontario.
Daniel Muhic
Daniel MuhicProduction Operator
Dan has joined Tyromer Waterloo as a Production Operator. Dan has 10 years experience in the engineering, production, and project management fields, gained while working for a global automation systems provider. Dan holds a diploma in mechanical engineering, specializing in automated manufacturing.

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